Thursday, May 5, 2016

The harder you work, the more converted to the gospel you become

April 27, 2016
Elders Stam, Keck, Hellbusch, and Maser having pizza in their apartment.

Yeah we had a pretty good week, it was fun. Yes, we have a few investigators that are progressing. And yes, Elder Keck and I are working well together haha. Yeah that was our apartment and my roommates, they're a bunch of goofs. We have a pretty nice apartment, it's definitely the cleanest one that I have been in my whole mission. No, the pizza in the United States is way better, that's one of the reasons that I want to go to Papa Murphy's when I come home haha. I live with Elder Keck, Elder Maser (the blonde), and Elder Hellbusch. It is a pretty silly excuse to not go to church because it rains but whatever, they have their agency. Yeah, I'm feeling better, I still have a stuffy nose every morning though, I'm getting pretty sick of it.

Are you talking about that Chinese kid, wow that's awesome to hear that he is out on a mission, I know that he's out there kicking some butt. Satan's butt at least haha. Have you heard anything about Nate? I've actually been thinking about him a little bit lately. That kid's a stud haha. I haven't really had a lot of opportunity to sing here in the mission. I would like to sing more but it's kind of hard when I haven't had a companion since the MTC that knew how to sing.

Elias is doing fine, we have an appointment with him tonight. Yeah, he pretty much just ignored all the anti mormon stuff, which is good. He lives with his mom and his brother. At this moment he is working two jobs and studying, so he's pretty busy. He's been working really hard. It's been nice with President Cook. It's kind of weird to think that when the new president arrives, my group and I are going to be the oldest missionaries in the mission. I'm sure that I will have the chance to participate in stake conference when I am home.  Haha so you can imagine how much work the apostles and prophet have to do, it must be really hard on them. The harder any leader in the church works though, the more converted to the gospel they are. It sounds like Pres. Hutchison is doing a really good job as stake president, I remember that everyone was excited that he was going to be the stake president.

It seems like all the general authorities have been saying that, take notes on things that are not said. When we had that little special conference a couple months ago with Elder Bednard, he told us the same thing. It's true what he said though, we shouldn't really consider them as meetings. It must be a lot different being a leader over the church in Utah than in any other place haha.

Right, I like the way you think. If someone really truly understands the gospel, then death isn't that bad of a thing. It can be sad to see someone suffering, but it's not forever and when it ends, they rest. And we definitely will see them again, so it's not a bad thing at all, it happens to everyone.

A babies life must be pretty funny haha they just get amazed by almost anything. His helmet looks funny, I didn't expect it to be clear. How long did he have to have that? Jackson could play both sports, why not? Then let him when he's older decide which one he wants to follow. Baseball's not a very vigorous sport, it's fun but it's not as exhausting as water polo. I guess I've always just had a really high stamina. There were a few days after swim or water polo that I would come home and just crash though.  I'm sure that Oma's house will sell fast also. So yeah, I think you might need to take me on a little shopping trip when I get home, I think that mostly I am going to need pants and shoes.

My sector is called El Parrón. It's in the community La Cisterna. Haha if your friend at work has a lot of questions about Chile you can just give her my email, I'd be happy to answer her questions. My advice would be to have her son take like three pairs of shoes, boots, and a big winter sweater, because it gets pretty cold during winter, and it's really hard to get away from the cold. Haha, just keep taking advantage of these missionary opportunities you are getting mom.

Well thanks for the emails every week, hope that your week is fantastic. Also don't forget that I'm going to call you guys on the 8th of May, so next week you need to tell me when you want me to call. Chao!

Elder Stam

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