Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Week in the MTC!

August 19, 2014

So my P Days are on Tuesday while I'm at the MTC. It's crazy how much has happened. I'm picking up the language really fast. I can already pray, bear my testimony, and have a long conversation in Spanish already. Oh and I was made District Leader. Everyone in my district are amazing people and have super strong testimonies. Two days after we got to the MTC, we had to teach an investigator in Spanish, and it actually went really well. We've already taught him three times, half an hour each, in only Spanish.

The food here is like amazing. Of course. I haven't had any problems with sickness yet. Oh and when it rains here, it rains really hard. There is also a ton of lightning. Some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard. Our teachers are really good teachers and they are teaching us Spanish really well. So far this has been a way fun experience and I'm glad I came. I'll email you again next week!
SLC airport 515am.  Miss this boy!!

Elder Stam

Okay, I have time to email you again. My P Day is on Tuesday while I am in the MTC. I have an hour to write on P Day, which is plenty of time to write everyone. Me and Elder Walker get along great! He's kind of nerdy, but I'm totally okay with that. He keeps me on my toes. And yes, the food is amazing. Most of it is Mexican food, but they do have cereal in the mornings, and they also have toast with peanut butter and Nutella haha. I am taking photos, but the mission president made a rule that you can only take photos on P Day, so I don't have any photos for this email yet. We have about an hour every day to exercise, but mostly we have just been playing basketball and ping pong during this time. I am very happy to be here! There is one elder in my room that was having a lot of struggles, so our district decided to give him a blessing and guess who blessed him? Me! So first blessing, check. There have been a lot of people sick, but I haven't gotten sick. Only one kid in our district has gotten sick. Oh and just in case you didn't get my other email, I was made the District Leader of our district, so go me!

The Spanish is actually coming along really well! It have learned so much in just a week. I can already pray, bear my testimony, and have a conversation with someone in Spanish. On the first Friday, we had to teach our first investigator in Spanish, and it went really well. It was a lot easier than I thought. We've taught him two other times. They were all half an hour long as well. Every Sunday, all the missionaries have to prepare a 5 minute talk for sacrament meeting and 8 of us get randomly called on to give our talk. So you have to be prepared. Not everything is Spanish though. We still have some lessons in English and if we don't understand something, our teachers say it in Spanish. Our teachers are really cool too. There names are Hermano Sanchez and Hermano Martinez.
The MTC is almost like a jail. It is surrounded by a tall wall with barbed wire on the top. It's not a jail to keep the bad in. Its a jail to keep the bad out haha. It's like a paradise here in Mexico. It feels like the United States. Other than the Spanish and food. 

I don't think there is anything that we forgot, or maybe I just haven't realized it yet. Tell me how things are going at home and have fun with all those dogs! I'll send you pictures next week if I can get my camera hooked up to the computer.

Elder Stam

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