Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week Two- Elder Stam is doing great!

Week Two- Aug 26, 2014- Still doing great!
This picture is a road in the MTC that leads to the food place. When it rains the road turns into a river.

Things are going really well at the CCM! It's been another pretty eventful week. My throat started hurting a little bit a few days ago, but other than that I haven't really gotten sick at all! The food just keeps getting better as well. And yes I got my surprise haha thank you very much. I'm pretty sure the donuts are what gave me the sore throat though. As District Leader, I just have to make sure everybody stays on task, and focused. I have to check the mail for everyone because we all share one mail box and only the district leader has the key to it. I also have to conduct all the little meetings we have as a leader and I have to assign people to pray and stuff. And every third week I am in charge of the sacrament preparation. There were 12 missionaries in our district, but one had to go home. So now we only have 11. The one that went home was in our room so I only have two roommates now, and I also have two companions now. My other new companion is Elder Johnson. Both my companions are really nerdy, but that's okay. The Spanish is still going really well, but the learning has slowed down a lot. We get rain here almost every night. In the morning, it is super sunny, but at about afternoon, it gets cloudy and it rains. And it rains super hard. A lot harder than it ever rained in Utah. And the thunder is like someone is shooting a gun in your ear. I've only seen a few missionaries from Murray. I've seen Chris Green, Blake Brockbank, Hayden Mann, and that girl that was in my mission prep class. I don't remember her name though.

That ice bucket thing sounds really weird. Maybe if my companions are up to it, we will find a bucket of ice water and do it ourselves and take photos of it. That'd be really fun.

 A normal day would be waking up at 6:30, getting ready and being at our classroom at 7 to study til 7:45. Then we go to breakfast til 8:25 when gym starts. Gym goes til 9:15. We have half an hour to get ready for class then class starts at 9:45. Class is different every day. We teach an investigator for an hour during class in the morning and in the afternoon. That class goes til 12:45, then we have lunch. After lunch we have two hours of study time, and then class starts again at 3:15. It goes til 6:15 when we go to dinner. After dinner we study the language from 7-8, then we do a technology assisted language learning system on the computer for an hour. After that we have a district discussion about anything til 9:30, where we go to back to our house and study and write in our journals or something like that til 10:30, when we go to bed. That's an average day.

I totally expect my mission to be hard. It's going to be exhausted. In fact, I'm already super exhausted. I'm tired every day. But they really enforce this thing here called exact obedience, where we just obey the rules exactly. It's pretty hard at times but it definitely makes things better and have the spirit more. Everything here is starting to be the exact same though. It's gonna start getting pretty boring. But I will try to keep my head up so I can make the best out of it. I think the language is going to be really hard when we get to Chile because we were talking with one of our teachers, Hermano Sánchez, who is from Mexico City, about the language in Chile and he said that they talk so fast that sometimes he doesn't even understand them. But that's okay. It'll take a lot of work. It will take me several months to get the language down, but it will be worth it. I'll be better an Spanish than Josh or Cody so I'm okay with that. I'll email you again next week.
The house that we stay in while at the MTC. There are only 50 houses, but each house fits 20 people. And the rest have to be in apartments.

Love, Elder Stam

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