Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm always happy when we are teaching...

December 31, 2015

Having fun!

Serious faces.


I have been getting along really well with Elder Tecun. It's always a little harder with a latino, and I think he feels a little left out because he doesn't know English, but it's okay. We ate dinner at a members house for Christmas, and we came back at 11:30 at night. It was really good though and the food was soo amazing. Our P Day was changed to Thursday, but we are allowed to write today, so I'm just gonna do it today haha.  We are also supposed to return to the house earlier tonight, and then tomorrow is our regular P Day.

The new area is great, it's so ridiculously big that I don't know it at all. We have that giant mall in our sector, so we can go to that whenever we want haha. We're teaching people, but no one really serious. My Spanish is alright, it's no where near as good as Joshua and Cody think. It hasn't been too hard with a Spanish only companion. Tecun has been a member his whole life, and I don't know what his parents do for a living in Guatemala haha.

It's funny how it gets really cold there and really hot here in the same months of the year. The heat has been absolutely unbearable this week. It's sucked. Even if Papa isn't around when I get back from my mission, it'll be alright because it's really not a long time at all that we are away from him, this Earth life is short. 

The mission has been a lot different than I thought, you never know what to expect. I think that every mission is a ton different though. The mission is really, really hard and it's a lot different than living at home.  It's such a culture shock and everything different, so that can be really hard for all the missionaries. Try to do your own missionary work! As missionaries we are trying to work with the members a lot more. I really haven't been homesick at all, and I really haven't had a bad attitude at all either. I'm always happy when we are teaching someone so it's good. I liked talking through Skype. I liked it a lot more than just the phone. I'm also glad that it was only four hours apart haha.

Beautiful road in Chile!

Santiago, Chile
I really loved the socks you gave me, so in my next package, send more weird socks like that! I think they're awesome haha. So socks, and the new PTX album are the new things I want now. I also was asked to give a talk this Sunday, it was ten minutes and it was about Alma 5, so it was super awesome cause that's one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It only took me like an hour to write.

So there's this member here that wants to move to America, but he was no idea what to do. I told him that I would ask you guys what he should do. He also wants to know how much money he would need. He wants to go to BYU Provo to study too. So if you could sent a little bit about what he would have to do that would be awesome.

Well have a happy new year and I'll talk to you again next week! :)

Elder Stam

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