Thursday, March 12, 2015

New companion and teaching has been great!

March 11, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Oh please do make that cake for me when I come home (Cinnamon roll cake). Food is awesome haha. Yeah, about transfers. I'm still in the same sector, but I have a new companion now. His name is Elder Henderson. He's from Wyoming, talks like a hick, and he was a zone leader right before he became my companion. So he's going to be an awesome example for me haha. He has been in the mission for 18 months. It's nice having a gringo companion though, for sure. I like latinos, but they're just different. It's going to be a strange day when I have a companion that has less time in the mission than me. If that day ever comes haha. The missionaries are in almost all the world. The only countries we aren't in are North Korea, and a few of the -stans. But that's it. It's pretty crazy. Funny you should say that being too idle is not good, we didn't do anything for P Day today. We just wanted an idle day haha. I am almost positive that my new gringo companion is going to help me way more than my latino companions did with my Spanish. They don't even know their own language. I would always ask how to say something, and they never knew. Never. It was so frustrating.

Why are they dissolving the Salt Lake Central mission. Does that make the Santiago South Mission the smallest in the world then? If you want someone to play the piano, learn it yourself. You're running out of time mom. You don't have forever to learn it.  You have always told me that you want to learn. Please clean that room of mine haha. It was a disaster. Am I going to stay in the same room when I get home? And I don't remember where I left the Xbox haha. Is it in the box? If it's not in the box, could you please put it in the box? I don't want it getting full of dust and ruining it lol.

That's cool that the dog sitting is making people curious about my mission.  Our president has been talking about planting seeds. As missionaries, we may not see a lot of success right away. We might not see it at all. But we plant seeds in their hearts. After time, the seeds grow. We might not see the seeds grow, but someone else will. :)

Reactivations and teaching has been going great!  Right now we have a possibility of 7 baptisms, but it's not likely that they will all happen. We are super close with two though, hopefully we can pull them off. The clothes have been alright. The shirts are starting to turn a slight tint of yellow. I think that I am going to leave a lot of clothes here when I leave. The shoes on the other hand, one pair is getting pretty destroyed. I will try to send pictures of them today. Both the shoelaces broke and the bottom of one of them is split almost all the way across. Yes I am still taking care of my teeth haha. We are still exercising also, but not a ton. We don't have a ton of motivation.

Did Josh and Shelly tell you guys if it's a girl or boy yet? When do you think that they will actually move back to Utah? It will most likely be before I get home right? Having kayaks would be awesome. I have had a desire to do a bunch of fun adrenaline things lately. It's kind of weird being cut off from the world. You think about a lot of things, but you can't see them, so it makes you want to do it haha. We should go on that week long river raft ride. That would be really fun.  I am pretty sure that I am going to stay living in Utah too, if not, California with the rest of the family. It is most likely that I will stay in Utah though.

I would send a few photos, but we aren't taking a whole lot. I have a little over 500 photos in total, which kind of is a lot, but we aren't supposed to take our cameras with us when we are proselyting.

The baptism went well. It felt really weird walking through my old sector, but it was still a really cool experience. It feels like just yesterday that I was working there. Funny thing about their sector though. President closed the sector. Elder Colvin was causing way too many problems there. I talked with Elder Diaz about him, because he lived with him, and he said that Elder Colvin has a huge anger problem, and there's like an evil spirit in the house. President knew about everything that was happening, so he took them both out of the sector and closed the sector. Elder León got put in as a zone leader somewhere now. We have a lot of members asking us to do service, so we are helping a lot of member out with things. There is always someone that we can help. Remember Jeffrey R. Hollands talk from October about helping and serving the poor.

Yesterday we received a pretty cool call from the zone leaders. They decided to give us their bikes. So we are now 2 of the 8 missionaries in the entire mission with bikes. I am looking forward to the next three months haha. Have a great week and I will email you again next week! :) I love you and thanks for writing me every week, I really appreciate it! :)

Elder Stam

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