Sunday, March 29, 2015

Earthquake conference and we helped reactivate Juan!

March 25, 2015
Elder Stam and Elder Henderson in Santiago, Chile

I had a pretty good week. The weeks go by really fast now.  We had a special conference thing with the president, but it was just more of a safety conference. We talked about earthquakes and all that fun stuff. What does Elder Henderson do differently? Well he's just a lot easier to talk to. The latinos just don't like to talk very much.  Elder Henderson is pretty funny too. He just gets along with everyone really good. Whenever someone asks him where he's from, he just says a  "pueblo" which means a people haha. I'll ask him though which city he is from. Spanish vocabulary is a joke. There isn't an end to the words that you can learn. I'm going to be learning vocab every day until the end of my mission, and then every day for years after the mission too.

Felipe was taking lessons, but something unfortunate happened to him. He is a worker for a rich guy, and the rich guy told him that nobody unknown can come on to his property, which means that we can't teach him anymore. He was pretty bummed.  Maria's Jose husband is a member, he actually served a mission in the Dominican Republic, I don't know which mission though. She is doing alright, we haven't been able to visit her for a while because she is always doing stuff. They don't have children, and they're like 30ish. And yes they know here that I sing. This sister missionary wrote a mission hymn for our mission, and she asked a few missionaries to sing it for the mission, and I was one of the ones she asked haha. I will not sing a solo though, no way. I've been singing a lot for the ward though, all of the missionaries have been. They want us to sing a hymn every sacrament meeting.

 That's very true about evil spirits and good spirits. The best people have the most evil spirits tempting them, because the people that have already fallen don't need to feel as much temptation to give in. We should always ask God for help to avoid temptation. I've learned that a lot in the mission.

The missionary lessons are really spiritual, listen closely and you will learn a lot. Maybe when I get home I could teach them to you guys again.  (Caleb is referring to the challenge we received in our Stake Conference that I told him about.  Our visiting authority asked families to take the missionary lessons and promised by the 3rd lesson a name would be revealed of someone who is ready for the gospel and that we could help teach with the missionaries).  Who is the new patriarch?? Brother Harwood was a really amazing guy. It's cool that he just kind of knew that he was going to pass away. It's kind of sad but we all know that he is in a better place.  I'm glad that the conference went well.

Yes Wendy's was awesome. And guess where we went to eat today?? Taco Bell!! It was incredible. I miss Taco Bell a lot. Thanks for the money though!

 So I was thinking a little bit about the gifts you could send, and I would actually really like it if you did send the Piano Guys books here. I get a little time here and there to practice, so I would love that. I would also love another lint roller, and more awesome funny socks like those shark socks that you sent me. That would be great.

The weather has been starting to cool down. Yesterday morning we had a big storm. It rained really hard, and there was an incredible amount of lightning. There was lightning about every 2 seconds, and the lightning was incredibly loud. I thought we were going to die haha.

Silly Elder Stam

There's also a new sister missionary in our ward, her name is Hermana Lesh. She is brand new, like she has only been in the mission two weeks. It turns out that we go home together. So the sister missionaries that I go home with just got here.

We also had a reactivation this week, a guy named Juan de Dios Reyes. He was a less active, but he's active again now. We even helped him find the guy that baptized him 33 years ago, via Facebook. He was super excited to get to talk to him again.

Thanks for writing me again, and have a great week!

Elder Stam

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