Saturday, April 4, 2015

Two baptismal dates set!

April 1, 2015 

Before and after picture of my haircut.  This haircut is called a sopaipilla here in Chile, apparently it's popular or something like that ha ha. 

My week was good. Sadly, the heat came back. I am starting to wonder if it will ever start to get cold or if I just have to suffer through this heat until I come home. It's ridiculous. Felipe lives in a little house on the land of the rich guy. He lives on his property. So no we can't teach him in his house sadly, only time will tell what happens with him. It was a pretty good week with teaching, we are finding more people with Elder Henderson. Right now we have two baptism dates for the 18th of April, hopefully they come through. The food is still great, I haven't really eaten anything super strange lately, and it's all the same, but it is still great!

Music is super awesome, one of the best ways to invite the spirit into a place. I would love to do a concert or something like that here, but the people don't appreciate music as much here. When we teach, we teach with phamplets and pictures. Not iPads. I think ours is harder ;) Teaching in English..I don't know if I could actually do that. All of the gospel knowledge I have, is in Spanish.

I really like the new lights in the kitchen, they look good.  I think that I will come home a lot during college too, Snow College is only like two hours away right?

 Heather is a natural with the Young Women haha. It's sad to see here that nobody cares about doing the right thing at all, it is going to be weird when I get back in Utah. I feel like Conference this time is going to be a big one. Down here in Chile they had a letter for each ward signed by the Prophet, inviting everyone to come and see conference. Unfortunately we have to watch it in Spanish this time.

This last week there was a special day in Chile. It's called Dia de Joven Combatiente. Basically it's a day of protests and violence. So the missionaries aren't allowed to leave their house on this day. We just sat around in the house and played ping pong all day, it was pretty boring. Every once in a while we would hear a gunshot though, so that's pretty fun.

Well have a wonderful week, thanks for writing me once again and choose the right haha. Love you and miss you! Talk to you again next week!

Elder Stam

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