Sunday, April 12, 2015

Your son is doing wonderful!

April 8, 2015

The Zone was able to go paintballing for an activity. 

Your son is doing wonderful. We didn't do anything different for Easter, but Chile did. They call the entire week Semana Santa, or holy week. Pretty much they just go crazy with religion. I saw some of the weirdest religion stuff I've ever seen. They did like marches in the street with crosses and singing. We saw huge crowds of people praying with candles, just a lot of weird stuff like that. The investigators are good. We had to change two of the baptismal dates because they aren't progressing enough. They are named Gabriel and Belen. We're also teaching a Fernando that is getting close to baptism as well. The next transfers are in two weeks.

Conference was great! It was a little rough in Spanish, but I am going to download the talks right now in English and listen to them in the house. I understood the majority of it. It's hard because they speak with apostolic langauge haha. The Saturday conferences were almost all about marriage. I loved Holland's talk, he is just an amazing speaker. The protestors haha. I was thinking about them a little bit. It's pretty easy to prove people wrong now. It's not something you should do, but there are just so many parts of the Bible that they don't understand at all.

And yes, the heat came back. I'm really disappointed. The weather is so deceiving. Almost the entire time that I have been in Chile it has been hot. No more heat please.

Chile actually has two days of protests and violence. The 11th of September and 29th of March. It all has to do with the government and things that have happened in the past. There's a museum about the 11th of September here in Chile. It's about Chile earning their freedom. The people here also have a huge issue with the cops. In some of the bad areas, there are gunfights. People burn things in the street, sometimes they steal a Santiago bus and burn it. People rob and just a whole bunch of stuff. It's pretty crazy. I did keep the haircut actually. It doesn't look that bad haha. Ass is just a hot dog, but with beef. It's really good. The only reason it's called ass is because the people know what it means in English haha.

Hot dogs called Ass, Caleb finds this funny lol

I've been thinking a little about a job and college. I think that something in the medical field might actually be the best option. I could also be a part time piano teacher, that would be fun. Water polo. I would give anything to go swim. Not swim like on a team, just go swimming for fun.  Candy would be awesome though, I miss american candy. I also want more pictures, don't forget that! I would also love a few pictures of Riley and I if you have any. Also little tiny notebooks would be helpful too.

Bruises but worth the fun. 
Well you'll never guess what we did this week for P day. I don't know how we got permission to do it either, but as a zone we went paintballing. That was probably one of the best P day activities that we have done. I have quite a few bruises though, it hurts a lot. We went up to this mountain side and there was a guy that let us rent stuff, so we played up there. It was only $30 too! Super cheap.

Well thanks for writing me again, and have a wonderful week. I will write you again next week :)

Elder Stam                   

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