Sunday, April 19, 2015

Most successful week of my mission so far!

April 15, 2015


1/3 of my mission gone, that's crazy. I've never been away from home for more than a week, let alone 8 months. Time flies. Tell Connor that I say hi, and ask him if he misses the Chilean ass (the food obviously). I think that I am going to try and swim again when I get home and it's gonna kill me too. It will be amazing to swim again though, that's for sure. I'm starting to wonder when the weather will change. I have now been in Chile more than six months, and the entire six months it has just been ridiculously hot. I assume that those strange people were mostly catholic. They were just doing the weirdest things. It's sad because they only worship God once a year, which isn't right. Well this week we actually had the most successful week of my mission so far! We had 19 lessons, and we found 7 new investigators. It was a crazy week. There was a lady that came up to us and asked us to come visit her, that never happens. We also found another family from Bolivia that are super interested, and also a guy that speaks perfect English. He lived in Florida for most of his life. It's practically impossible to teach in English I realized.

I am almost sure that I won't have a change this next transfer, but it's possible. I will most likely be with Elder Henderson for one change more, and then they will send me to a new sector. Follow up is one of the most important things that a missionary can do, without following up they won't do the things and they won't progress. Just keep trying, they will accept it one time. The key to missionary work is just to invite and to do it in a loving manner. Missionaries should not oblige people, just invite. That's definitely one thing that I have learned.

I'll help you understand the Bible more when I get back, it's actually a lot easier to understand in Spanish for me now. If you really want to understand the Bible, you can buy the bible study guides of the church website, I have the in Spanish. I probably won't start the Old Testament study for a while though.

 I realized that I get to call you on your birthday, which is pretty cool. 50 years old? You're old mom. We can only use Skype when we call, so sorry. It's better than a phone call though.

The cops here take things too far, as in they kill a lot of people over something little. So the people have big problems and a lot of riots. It's really safe in San Bernardo though.

The seniors are actually playing water polo this year? Miracles do happen. Tell me how the game goes, I want to know. Of course Kearns is 4a. We will beat them one day, I know it. I expected Tyler would play polo in college, that's awesome! Any kind of American candy I would love, it's a lot better. They do have pretty good chocolate here though. 

Paintballing was incredible. I still have 3 bruises, and the one on my leg is pretty bad. They don't hurt anymore though. That was definitely one of the most fun P Days I have had so far. I'm excited to hear my setting apart too, I have forgotten most of it. The only other thing that I could remember that you could put in the package is the cook book that I got from school. That would be awesome. If you can't find it then you could just send a simple one, I just want to cook a little bit more.

You're still playing Clash of Clans right, that game on the phone? Also don't forget to preorder Halo 5, you have to do it right away! Please :) Love you mom you're the best haha.

Thanks for writing me again, have a wonderful week, don't forget to pray and read the scriptures, they will bless you lol.

Elder Stam

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