Sunday, April 26, 2015

We have a unique mesage to the world...

April 22, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Things are still going good. I would say the reason that most people start taking the lessons is just plain curiosity. It's probably weird to see two gringos walking around in dress clothes, so they are just curious. We also have such a unique message to the world that it makes it a little different too. I didn't get changed this change, but it is most likely that I will be changed the next transfer. Yes that lady is still taking lessons, she actually told us she wanted to get baptized in the first lesson. All the Elders in our house get along great. Elder Melander got transferred and now we live with Elder Gularte, from Uruguay. He only have 6 months in the mission, but he's latino so it doesn't really feel like it. We all get along great though.

I guess we're going through kind of the same weather patterns. It actually started to get pretty cold, especially in the night a little before we had to go to the house. But the last couple of days it has just been hot again. I was seriously hoping it would have stayed cold.  I've lost about 15 pounds, which is good because I gained about 15 pounds right before I came out. A job, I don't want to think about working, I'm already working all day every day. Dad told me a little about the water polo game too, it seems like the exact same thing as last year. That really doesn't surprise me at all.  Tyler scores half the points, Kim puts in the "better" players, we almost lose. I wish I could yell at her haha.  She doesn't understand coaching at all, no offense. I remember watching her play water polo and she really wasn't good at all to be honest.  Haha Connor went 20 minutes over on his talk?? That's wonderful. He's the kind of person that would do that.

I'll bring them back, don't worry (he is referring to books he wants me to send him). I want a cookbook because I want to cook a little bit here in the mission. We cook every night when we get back. Just a little one though, with simple ingredients, we don't get a ton of money. We can wear a pretty nice watch, you don't have to send a nice one though, any watch will do. American chocolate candy, and skittles. I love skittles. Any other candy that you think I would like. I am looking forward to hearing my setting apart. It should be cool.

Dad served a mission so you know that to get someone to start taking the lessons only takes patience. The Lord always provides a way for the people to hear the gospel, we just have to wait until it's the right time. Just keep doing what you are doing.  I wonder if your missionaries are teaching in the same way that we teach. It's probably a little different. I will teach you the lessons when I get home if you want as well. Who is the new missionary?

A scriptures for this week? Hmm I like D+C 6.. like last 5 or 6 verses. I can't remember what numbers they are. It's talking about reaping what you sow though, It's good. Not a lot happened this week, so I don't really have any stories or anything to tell you this week. Thanks for writing me though like always, have a wonderful week and we will talk again next week. :)

Elder Stam

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