Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stay strong and faithful

Feb 10, 2016

A little goodbye party that they threw for me and Elder Palacios

The last week was pretty well, still hot and most people are still on vacations, so not much has changed haha. We had changes yesterday but nothing got changed, I'm still with Elder Baker so it looks like I'm going to kill him, as we say haha. This next transfer is the 29th of March. Yeah Dad told me that you guys were feeling sick, so hopefully you start feeling better soon. Haha Tootsie is a pretty awesome dog.

The work is going well. It seems to me that the people here are really starting to not believe in God and Christ. It's sad to see but the scriptures definitely say that it was going to happen. We have been contacting a lot of Haitains, they are really strong believers. It's actually encourages me to start learning a little bit of French haha. It's a hard language, sorta. The pronunciation is definitely the hardest part. We've been looking for new people, it's been hard. You're totally right about the world though, it's declining really fast. I think that the Second Coming is a lot closer than the people think. I definitely feel like I never dream, I don't know why. At least I wake up in the morning without the memory of a dream. The activity was fun. A member gave a class and then we played a few games and had some food. They do it every couple of weeks here in this ward.

We were talking about ice cream this week and I totally remember that Cold Stone exists, so Papa Murphy's and Cold Stone sounds like the best thing ever haha. Health problems seem to be growing a lot also. There are a lot of people here also that are getting sick. In this ward there have been a few people that have gotten some pretty bad diseases or sicknesses. The good thing is that they are staying strong and faithful in the church, and that's the important thing. A lot of people get mad at God for giving them sicknesses, but it's definitely necessary, like you said if you're never sick, you don't appreciate being healthy.

Our mission is very small, the smallest in South America. It has a few cool areas. I think that Portezuelo is one of the prettiest areas, the second ward that I was in. Right now we live on the street called Blas Vial, with American Vespucio, but tonight we are actually moving houses, so we won't be living there anymore.  Well thanks for the email. I hope that you guys have a wonderful week and that you get better. Talk to you next week!

Elder Stam

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