Sunday, February 7, 2016

If we work hard now, the blessings will be great

January 27, 2016
Elder Stam with the Cadiz family.  They served missions in New Zealand and Argentina

You act like it's a curse to have snow but to me it sounds like a blessing. Our week was good, a little stranger. The people are doing good, as well as the sector, despite it being the hardest time of the year. The Haitians are doing well also. They got to speak with an Elder that speaks French so they could understand a lot better. They speak French and Haitian, very little English, and they are learning Spanish. They have been here for 6 months or so. For the time that they have here, they know a lot of Spanish, it's almost like a missionary haha. They are both single, well I think that one of them might have a girlfriend back the Haiti that is trying to save money to come to Chile, but I don't know.  The area is a little stiff right now. It's also the hardest time of the year. Everyone goes on vacation. And I mean everyone. The entire church attendance in our mission has dropped about 30%. It's just a rough time, but if we work hard right now, the blessings will be really great when everyone comes back.

It's hard to stay in shape while you're on the mission. Haha the battle to stay in shape is like the gospel battle. Hard to do but worth it. The clams were wonderful. I love seafood haha. And of course so many trials have to do with the physical body, Satan doesn't have a body and he is jealous that we do have one, so he does everything that he can do destroy our body.  I think that it is going to be interesting coming back home and eating American food again. For example, here for their salads, they use oil, salt, and lemon. There they use ranch dressing. I'm really used to the lemon on the salads and I actually like it a lot. It will be strange trying to make the chilean food again.

I'm doing well with Elder Baker. After him I am only going to have three transfer cycles left, and there are definitely Elders that have been together for three transfers. So it's possible that my next is my last, or not, it could go either way. Being a trainer depends on the mission president, he chooses them. Haha I knew that you were going to bring this up at some point.  I don't think that it would be too much of a problem, and it would definitely relieve me of a little stress of coming home then going straight to school.   I will pray about it and talk to President. 

I haven't really been taking the allergy pills anymore. I probably won't bring home many pants either. I think that my suitcases might actually be kind of empty. Right, the handle on the big suitcase broke, or the pull up thing that you pull the suitcase with, it broke. So that's gonna suck a little bit.  It would be pretty cool to have Oma live close to us. I think that she would like Utah more than she thinks. I'm pretty sure that everyone would like Utah if they really knew how it was.

We leave the house at 11ish, depending on the day. Days that we have district meeting, weekly planning, Sundays, we don't leave at that time. Well being a missionary you meet a lot of people. Here in this ward I am really good friends with the Poblette family. They are going through a little bit of health problems at the moment, but they get along with me really well. The dad served a mission, and he's the one that wanted to see pictures of the guns haha. Yeah, I didn't want to leave my last area, but what can you do? Move on, that's it. You should try to make friends everywhere you go, like the apostles. Read the scriptures mom haha. Well, thanks for the weekly email. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and that you guys enjoy your little vacation.

Elder Stam

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