Friday, January 22, 2016

Apostles really know what they're doing.

January 20, 2016     
Clams and he liked them?!

Things are good with me, the same I guess haha. The broadcast was good it was a conference for all of the missionaries in the world, different than I thought but awesome. I learned a lot, the apostles really know what they're doing, which is to be expected. Yeah, I'll write a little bit about every picture when I send them. Haha yeah I liked the clams! I think that when we went to Seattle for choir tour is when I decided that I like sea food. Even the clams were really good. I don't know, but we eat less here haha. That's okay, because I don't want to come home with a belly, I'm gonna be skinny and in shape, sort of. I'm definitely swimming a lot when I get back to get back in swimming shape. I don't know what religion they are(Haitians), but they definitely are strong believers. Their names are Odesán and Toussaint. (pronounced Oadley and Tusant) It's been good with them. We went to them with and Elder in the mission that speaks French, and they're doing really well. The communication is a hard thing though.

I totally didn't have an accent and I don't accept that haha. It probaby won't be that much stronger if I'm not with another latino. My next companion might be my last. Well you've heard the exact opposite. Chilean spanish is unlike all other kinds of Spanish.

I also feel like I have more energy when I eat better, so that's why I'm eating better haha. I can pet the cats and all, I just can't touch my eyes after petting them or else they itch really bad. I think my allergy has gotten a little better, because my eyes used to swell up if I did that. And I mean the people, it's not just here in Chile, but the whole world. In just ten years everything has gotten way worse.

I will most definitely need some new clothes. Honestly I'm thinking about only taking two or three white shirts home, the rest are going to be pretty yellow and kinda gross. It will be good to have shoes though. The most interesting thing? I don´t know, I met a Chilean from Easter Island on Tuesday, the first one that I've met from there. We also had that devotional thing which was pretty cool, gotta love devotionals with the apostles. Well I hope that you have a wonderful week as well.

Elder Stam     
More Clams

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