Sunday, January 10, 2016

World is separating itself more from the things of God

Jan 6, 2016


Mom and Dad,

So things here are great, it's definitely a lot different than my last sector. I think that I am going to get a little skinnier in this sector, which is good because I have a little of a belly at the moment ha ha. I get along great with my companion, he's a really funny guy.  I definitely don't have any complaints at all. It's funny, the house almost looks like a shack, it's a good house, perfect size for two people that are never really home. I am sure that the Elders that are in my old area are going a great job with the sector. Elder Rivera is a great missionary, and his companion, Elder Guzmán, is also a wonderful missionary, so they will take care of all mis amigos there in los cristales. We have a few awesome people, everyone here has a story. I feel like this sector is a little harder, but I'm up for a challenge. The hard thing is always finding new people. Most people this time of year go on vacations, so a lot of the houses are vacant right now. There are 8 missionaries in the district, including us. Haha, there is a piano, and yes, I have been playing it a little bit. The members here are good as well, they are really willing to go with us to teach people, which is perfect.

I'll send a description of the photos next week, but remind me so that I don't forget.

The time goes fast when you are working hard and you aren't thinking about the time at all. I miss the condos. We should go there haha. I would prefer to go during the winter though, have a fun time in the snow. I am going to start eating a little healthier, I eat pretty bad. I want to eat more vegetables and fruits. I've actually come to really like vegetables here in the mission, even cauliflower haha. I've been healthy, without any problems. I haven't had any problems with allergies either. The cats have been rough though, there are a lot of cats here and they are totally irresistible haha so I always pet them.

Well dang, that seems like a pretty amazing fireside. So that South African Elder is really that good huh? That's really cool, I hope that he has had a lot of success on his mission. Lexi Walker was from our stake? Jeez I feel like all the people from Utah are all really talented. I don't know if that has something to do with the church but to me is seems like almost everyone in Utah has a talent in something. That would be really awesome if David Archuleta decided to be part of it also. I think that it would be pretty interesting talking with him about our missions. He served in one of the wards in our mission, before our mission was created. I almost met the Elder that he trained. His name is Elder Intriago, he was a really cool guy.

I honestly think that it would just be easiest to study nursing or something like that. I'm thinking that I will go to snow college for the two years, and then transfer to the U of U. The U of U has a really good medical program, right? I just want a job with which I won't have to worry about money. The future, it can go in so many directions.

If a person is perfect, they wouldn't have to go to church. I've just came to the conclusion that the world is separating itself more from the things of God, and it is ripening for destruction, as says the Book of Mormon. So that's that.

The best thing? I don't know haha. We are teaching some more Haitians, it's hard because they don't speak Spanish super well, but they understand, and they are probably the most interested people in the church that we teach. They have some great questions. I'll have to think about funny moments and I will tell you one next week. Well thanks for the email, I hope that you have a wonderful week without any problems, and if you need anything, just let me know.

Elder Stam      
Arms length, that's right!

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