Sunday, July 12, 2015

As soon as we ended our fast, it started to rain. Pretty Miraculous.

July 8, 2015


Haha that night of the America Cup games was seriously insane. President Cook let us watch the game, and we watched it as a zone. It was super crazy. The people were super insane, they were partying all night. I have a really funny video in the church where we watched it. It couldn't have been a better game, double overtime and then penalty shots. It was awesome. Haha there's a girls team?? Strange.

The week was pretty good. I went and saw the Donoso family, they're doing alright. They committed to start things over and go back to church. They hadn't gone in a couple months, and Franco stopped believing in God, but I was just straight forward with them and told them what they needed to do and they agreed. We were going to go with the stake leaders, but they bailed on us the last minute, so we didn't go with them. It's things like that because our ward is suffering. The best part of my week was seeing the Donoso family, they're awesome people.

In the Doctrine and Covenants it talks a little about that Christ prepared the hearts of our leaders to establish a Constitution that would prepare a way for the Restoration, pretty cool stuff. But now we are just destroying the Constitution, and destroying what God established.

 Haha president Hutchison is going to be an apostle, I'm sure of it. Also president Cook. In a couple of years we are going to have a whole bunch of new, young apostles. I am pretty sure that Elder Nelson will be the next prophet, he seems like he would be a great prophet. Things are changing for sure though.

Hah things are alright with Elder Facal, he's pretty angry that Chile won. He just needs to get over it though, it's just a game. Other than that it's been pretty much the same, he's still quiet and doesn't want to talk to me much. I think that it's getting a little bit better though. He's completely against Chile though, I honestly don't know why he stays here if he hates it as much as he says he does.

Okay well the computer that I am at is incredible slow and the photos won't load, so you are going to have to wait more, I'm sorry, the computers here really suck a lot. It's not my fault. These computers really frustrate me a lot.

About the rain, the first Presidency asked us to do a fast right? Well Sunday we fasted, and when we broke our fast at lunch, it started to rain. It was pretty miraculous. It wasn't a heavy rain, but it was sufficient. They say that it is going to rain this entire weekend too, so that'll be cool, I haven't really seen rain since the CCM in Mexico. I didn't have allergies with the bad air, but I did get a lot of headaches. I think that if it wouldn't have rained, I would have gotten sick.

Haha that's it?? That's such little money that I will earn. What do you think that my monthly expenses would be (in college)?? IHOP haha the restaurants in America are so amazing. I am sure that Josh will get the job, without a doubt. Another cool thing, yesterday there was a pretty big temblor. We were studying and the earth started shaking... it was a 5.2 on the scale thing. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was still pretty awesome. Hey it would also be awesome if you would send me a recipe for pancakes :D that'd be awesome, thanks mom. Have a wonderful week, enjoy life.

Elder Stam

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