Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I am now in El Bosque and have another new companion...

July 15, 2015

 Mom and Dad,

This last week has been quite interesting. First of all, there were transfers. Haha you´re a prophet dad. I did get transferred. Both me and my companion. And there were 22 missionaries that went home and only 9 that came. So president had to close some sectors. Our sector was one of the sectors that he closed. So me and my companion got transferred. Now I'm in a stake called El Bosque and the ward is called El Pino. I got a new companion too. His name is Elder Calvillo. He's full Mexican, but he speaks perfect English. He actually was raised in California. His parents moved to California before he was born. So he speaks English and Spanish perfectly. He pulled a prank on me, making me think he only spoke Spanish. It went on for about two hours, then he said something to me in English and completely blew my mind. It was pretty funny haha. Yes it has also rained more, quite abundantly. I just don't like how people were fasting for rain, and then they complain when the rain comes. But on Sunday it rained all day, and we got soaked. It was pretty fun though, and wasn't that cold.

President Cook trusts us a lot, he lets us do what we want for the most part. Well the time ran out really fast this week, I don't know what happened. This is going to be a short letter. I will definitely send pictures next week, without fail. I will reply to the rest of this letter next week! I love you mom and Dad, have a wonderful week. Sorry I couldn't finish this letter, :P

Elder Stam

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