Friday, June 5, 2015

Crazy I got transferred back to my first sector, La Bandera.

June 3, 2015

First day in the Chile Santiago South Mission

First of all, yes I got transferred. The crazy thing is I got transferred back to La Bandera. My sector is literally right next to the sector that I was in with Elder Leon. I actually live in that sector, Los Pensamientos. I'm in the ward La Bandera now, just right on the other side of the big street Santa Rosa. But I am writing in the exact same internet cyber that I wrote in my first P Day in Chile. I almost can't believe that President sent me back here haha.  President must think he's funny.  I was in Portezuelo for almost 6 months. I should be going back for a few baptisms though for sure. My new companion is Elder Facal, and he's from Uruguay. He's pretty cool, I am sure that he's going to be a professional soccer player. I've told you about Gabriel and Belen. They attended the church for years but were never baptised. Their baptisms are June 20th. They are both young, 13 and 11.   I think that going to church in English now would almost be a little bit weird. How many people are in that ward that will now be in our Stake? I think that missionary work is picking up everywhere! Europe also has been getting a lot more baptisms as well.

That would be incredible to see Alejandro haha. I don't remember what mission. It starts with a C and it's in the south of Argentina, that's all I remember. Ooh that food sounds amazing haha. I didn't like cauliflower a lot before, but they eat it quite often here and I think that it is pretty good now haha as well as tomatoes. Wow that food really does sound really good haha. Most of the food here is pretty much the same now. There are a few members that are starting to learn how to make american food. This morning I had waffles haha that would be the first time in my mission.  They make crepes pretty much the same, they are just a little bit more thick. They put different things on top too, like manjar. They roll them here. My favorite food is probably Chaquic√°n. I think that's how you spell it haha. Everyday we usually eat chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, or pasta.

The strangest thing that happened was being transferred to where I am, I really find it too weird to be back here. I can't think of anything else happening though. I need to start remembering more the things that happen hah. Thanks mom you really are the best :D Just a small flat screen TV would be nice for college. Something that I could hook up to a laptop if I wanted.

My patriarchal blessing says that I have to stay close to you guys, so it's most likely that I am living in Utah for the rest of my life haha. What jobs has Josh applied for? I am sure that Tootsie loves to have the dogs over, it's probably a thrill. That sounds fun though, maybe I will take care of dogs one day too.

The weather here is kind of changing. It's still pretty warm during the day, but pretty cold during the night. It's getting there. It kind of sucks having to carry a jacket around all day, because it gets cold enough that you need a jacket, but during the day it's too hot for a jacket. Read Jesus the Christ, it's an amazing book. I've also had my birthday package for about a week, president didn't hold it haha. I have been healthy though, without any problems. The most rewarding thing, being alive haha. Thanks for writing me and have a wonderful week!

Elder Stam

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