Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We should pray to see miracles

May 6, 2015


The weather has been a bit cooler, not a ton. Mostly just at night. During the day it is still pretty hot though. Today is May 6th, which is the equivalent of November 6th. I can never remember a November that was this hot. Things have been good still, we are still getting quite a bit of lessons. We have a few that are progressing, but not quite to the point of baptism yet. I would say that we teach a pretty equal balance of investigators and less actives. They all receive it pretty well, there are a few people that try to fight, but it really isn't hard at all to show and testify why we are right.

I don't know who in Pres Cook's family were apostles, he just said that he has had grandparents and great grandparents or something like that that were apostles. President Cook is a goofball. We had interviews with him this week. From all of the things that he said to me, it sounds like this next transfer I will be put in a new sector and with a companion that has less time than me. I'm looking forward to it though, it will be a great learning experience for me. Haha if I get the package before my birthday it is going to be torture not being able to open it, but I will try my best haha.

Haha I was planning on calling you about that time, so that's perfect. I will try to call no later than 3. Another list of questions haha. I'm not a huge talkative person, but I wouldn't say that I'm a really quiet person either.

Speaking of shoes, the other shoe in that pair also has a hole now. I think I am just going to wear these shoes until they are completely destroyed. It will be a good reminder of my mission haha. I haven't really seen many missionaries here that have been picky, but it seems that there are a lot of missionaries that are allergic to a lot of things. I had divisions again yesterday and I went with a Peruvian named Elder Estevez. He an awesome guy, but he's allergic to tomatoes. Every meal here and in almost all foods here, they put tomatoes in it. I don't know how he has survived until now.

 That photo is really funny, everyone laughs pretty hard when they see it. I just tell everyone that I am the third wheel of the family. Mexican food, I miss the stuff. It's different here, there aren't any refried beans or spicy salsas. What other movies are on the list?

I didn't have a ton of jet lag, it was still pretty hard though. The night that we were on the plane we all only got maybe two hours of sleep tops. Then the first day in Chile we had meetings with the president all day, and then we went straight to work in our sectors. And we never had any time to catch up on the sleep. I couldn't stay awake for the first week of studies, but now it's fine. I want to start waking up an hour early to get more study time. Have a wonderful time in London though, I'm definitely jealous that you are going without me haha.

Little prayers like that definitely work and are answered. I remember when I went on divisions with Elder Hermosilla, he said that when we say a prayer to leave and work, because we always pray before leaving the house, he said that we should pray to see miracles. Well the next day I tried it and it was the most successful day in my mission so far, with 6 lessons in one day. That was also the day that the one girl came up to us and told us to go to her house. So that day was definitely a miracle for us.

Are you still reading the bible?? I am supposed to finish the triple in a couple of days, and then I am going to read Jesus the Christ. I'm pretty excited to read the book and learn more about him. There seems to be quite a few books lately that I have been wanting to read. I want to read the book by Jeffrey R. Holland, but president said that we can read that book after the mission.

Well thanks for writing me once again, have a wonderful trip to London and stay safe, also have a wonderful mother's day and I will see you on Sunday :)

Elder Stam

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