Monday, June 29, 2015

Really working on activating and getting them to Church!

June 24, 2015


Yeah, this was a pretty good week. We went on divisions three days in a row, so I was with three different missionaries this week haha. I was with Elder Marshall, Elder Bushman, and Elder Elder Tafur, all great missionaries. Hah I appreciate all the things you sent, even though my suitcases were about to burst when I just had to shove everything in. My big suitcase weighed like 75 pounds! I haven't made the brownies yet, we still don't have a pan to make them. Once we get one though, I'll make them haha. Right, about the photos, I'm pretty sure that the card got a virus, even though I use an adapter and put it in the little "lock" mode, and the pictures aren't showing up. The data is still filled so I know we can save all of the photos, I'm just going to start using a new card and not touch that one until I come home. I don't want to risk losing the photos, there were like 800 of them. I'll send you new photos though when I take them. It just goes to show that all of the computers here have viruses. Our Pres tells us that we shouldn't carry our camaras with us, but I usually just do anyways. I'm really careful with it.

Elder Facal has been a little bit better, still prideful, but better hah. I taught him how to solve a Rubix Cube so he always is asking me how to do a step that he forgot haha. It makes him talk to me though. I think that he just has an idea about gringos stuck in his mind that won't change. The latinos here are just really annoying sometimes hah. They see a gringo in the street and they yell "Hello how are you!! One, two, three, four." I think how much different it would be if we yelled "Hola cómo estás? Uno, dos, tres, cuatro" to the latinos in America. It's alright though haha. Elder Rupe is from Morgan, Utah. Pretty close. We found another family, but they're evangelicos (I really don't know what that is in English) so they're going to be pretty touch ones. That religion is really strong here. And yes I still play piano for sacrament every week.

Dad told me a little about the funeral, sounds like it went well. I have to admit that from everything that I saw from the Ukranian kids before, they were definitely the biggest trouble makers, more than anyone else. Hopefully they all learned a little bit, they can't keep acting the way that they did before and maybe his death will help them realize what's really important in life.  KSL really is awesome, Riley always bought a lot of stuff on KSL and I went with him all the time to go get it haha. I also sold my Nintendo DS on KSL. I still can't believe I got $200 out of it, that guy was crazy haha. That would be a stressful calling to be over the Women's prison, it almost sounds like the bishop callings here haha. He is a good man though.  Jared will be a good missionary.  Everybody has the potential to be a good missionary, it really just all depends on your own consecration and efforts.  Hopefully grandpa keeps getting better, he was doing not too well when grandma died.

I think that we need to focus mostly on just reactivation here. A lot of the leaders in this ward are inactive, and we have to get them to come to church, they cannot be missing like this. I think that the Sabbath Day is a completely different commandment here in Chile. It was a lot easier to keep it holy in the United States, but here it really is just like any other day. There are a lot of religious people here, they just don't have a clue what the fourth commandment actually means. When Elder Gonzalez (our area 70) came and spoke to all of the missionaries a few weeks ago, he told us that the most recent revelation that the church has received was about the Sabbath Day, and that we need to start focusing on that a little bit more as missionaries. According to him it was a revelation, but who knows, maybe something will happen on a Sunday and we will be protected if we keep the Sabbath Day holy. Garments are a pain in the butt sometimes, but you just have to suffer with it. You should really only take them off to shower, swim, or do heavy exercise. The Mormon channel really is awesome, it has everything imaginable. The most rewarding thing...what do you mean by that? I learned a lot more from Jesus the Christ, I read a lot about his baptism and when Satan tempted him, and also about his childhood, read the book mom haha.

I'm actually really starting to enjoy soccer a lot. It's not an obsession, but I think that I will probably watch all of the Chile games when they play. Here in Santiago there are two main soccer teams, Colo Colo and La Universidad de Chile. There are just a lot of things on the iPhone that I know a backup won't save, like the notes I have. I have a note with all of my passwords for everything, and it's not something that I can't have when I come back lol. I'm pretty sure that Utah sends out more missionaries than all the other states combined.

Yeah I read a little bit more of my setting apart, it really is awesome. I think I might read a paragraph a day, it would give me a lot of motivation la verdad. Sorry there are just a few things in Spanish that make a lot more sense in Spanish than English so there might be a few things in Spanish here and there. It's already over 100 degress? Wow. It's been pretty cold here at nights, but not horrible. I've used that coat a lot, I think it's saved my life a couple of times haha. Those shoes are perfect size.

I hope that you have a great week as well. There's nothing that I can think of right now, but the same goes for you! Thanks for writing me again, have a great time in Wolf Creek this weekend!


Elder Stam

Family photos taken two days before Caleb left on his mission. 


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