Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm going to be a worn out person by time I come home .....

June 10, 2015

Mom and Dad,  

Man I'm only going to be a teenager for one more year, what the heck?? There are like three people every day that ask how old I am and I always tell them that I am going to turn 19 this Friday, so my companion definitely won't forget haha. We are going to have a "party" with a family that we are teaching. It will be pretty fun I think. They're a crazy family. Things are good back here in La Bandera, it almost feels like home. It's weird to be here though. I'm not in the same ward, but I'm in the ward right next to it. I saw the first counselor of my first ward the other day. We are living in apartments, bigger than my last house haha. I live with Elder Facal, Elder Rupe, and Elder Panduro. My new companion is alright. I'm pretty sure that he doesn't like gringos, he's a little bitter with me. I've also never seen him talk with a gringo before. I'm also his first gringo companion. He just sort of likes to do his own things without asking me anything. He told me today that we were only going to write our familys for half an hour. I was like heck no haha. Hopefully he opens up a little bit more though. He's been out for about 16 months. The new area is nice, it's really small compared to Portezuelo. There are a lot of recent converts here, and we have a few investigators, but not many. We're in a more dead sector. The ward only has an attendance of about 50. We're going to be working a lot of that though.

Hah yeah I've had quite a few empanadas. There was a family in Portezuelo that always made empanadas and they were so incredible. I asked her for the recipe and she didn't have it. She just said that she has it memorized. I'll have to find another good recipe though. Well the people here say that the tomatoes in Chile are different, so I don't know if I'll like them in America.

The investigators that I left are still going really well and hopefully I will get to go back soon for a baptism or two. We should have two on the 20th. My companion has been here in this sector for three months, or two transfers. I am sure that we will be together for two more changes or three months.

That picture of the bathroom looks really nice, a little different than I thought it was going to look. It looks like a rich person bathroom to be honest haha. You're going to have to lend me that bathroom for the three weeks that I have home. And I don't think there is a bathroom in Chile that has been finished ha ha. There have been a ton of strikes here lately, people fighting with their employer about their job. The kids here haven't gone to school for two weeks because all of the teachers are striking. Most members here don't fulfill their calling.  Wow life is crazy. So many things have happened back home haha. Life goes on with or without you.

We had a pretty cool week though. One of the seventy came and spoke to our mission. Elder Gonzalez. He was really cool, spoke with an Argentinian accent. It's cool how I can pick apart the different Spanish accents now. Spanish isn't even a problem now. Apparently the most recent revelation that the church has gotten is about the Sabbath day, and how the missionaries need to start working more with members and less actives to start keeping the Sabbath day holy. It's one of the biggest problems here in Chile. It's rough work, I'm going to be a worn out person when I come home.  Honestly the mission has gone by really fast. And they say that the first year is the slow year. So I think that I am going to be home before I know it, it's really weird. I still remember going to the airport perfectly. The mission almost feels like just a dream sometimes.

After that conference with him, we got to watch the funeral service of L. Tom Perry. It was a pretty spiritual experience. It looks like there are going to be a lot of changes coming up soon, the last change was Thomas S. Monson being called as the prophet.

Also this week starts the Copa America (I think it's called the American Cup in English but I have no idea) and it's in Chile. Every time that Chile plays we have to stay in the house during the game and all day after the game. It goes until July 4th. We are going to have a crazy month here. There are a ton of foreigners and Copa America things all over Chile, it's pretty cool to see it all. It gets really dangerous though. It's good that we have to stay in the house. Well have a wonderful week again, I'll try to send photos next week!

Elder Stam

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