Monday, June 22, 2015

How does it feel to be 19? Awesome and my package was super awesome

June 17, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Haha the birthday package was awesome! I've really missed Skittles, they are really the best candy in the entire world. Also the Rubix Cube is going to keep me really entertained for quite a while. It was one of the biggest packages that I think an Elder has ever gotten ever. It was huge! But super awesome haha. For my birthday we didn't do much, just had a little party at a members house with all the Elders in our ward. There's not a ton of stuff to really give a missionary either. I love everything that you guys have me though, I think that the 4x4 rubix cube is really going to keep me entertained. The food is also awesome. We live next to a store called Lider, which is the Walmart of Chile. It's owned by Walmart so it's pretty much the same. It doesn't have the same things though. And if it does have the same things as in America, it's super expensive. A jar of peanut butter is like $6. My birthday was a pretty normal day, except at night we went to a house with a family and all of the missionaries were there and we had a little party thing, with hot dogs and cake haha. It was small, but it was nice of them. That's pretty much it though, nothing else really big. It was fun, we got to watch like 10 minutes of one of the Copa America games haha. Yeah it was all exactly what I wanted! Tell Cody happy birthday from me if you can, I just emailed Josh and told him happy birthday, also happy fathers day to dad.

The new apartment is pretty nice. It's about twice the size of our old house, which was tiny. It's got a few problems, but overall not bad. I send you most of the pictures that I take, I'm probably not going to send a zip drive home, now that I figured out how to send pictures home through the email. No My companion hasn't really opened up more, he has something against the United States, he argues with Elder Rupe about the United States a lot. He just has a bunch of crazy ideas about us. That's okay though, he's gotta open up at some point. The latinos have just been raised so differently, it's probably really weird to be with a gringo.  I also can definitely tell a difference between gringo companions and latino ones. Elder Facal is a good missionary, he just is so slow to do everything, it kills me.  If our appointments fail we end up finding new people.  I hope that I get a companion with less time than me at some point. We are teaching a very small amount of people in this ward. We definitely need to find new people. Last week we only had 10 lessons, but there was a lot of things going on last week, the Copa America, my birthday, and there was a wedding in the ward. We also did divisions and I stayed in the sector even though I still hardly know it. The most rewarding thing was my birthday haha.

More missionaries going out, good stuff. The world needs more. The Sabbath Day is really just such a big problem. Even the bishops here go out and buy stuff on Sunday. The attendance in our new ward is horrible, this week it was only 35 people. We started the Sacrament with 11 people, six of them being missionaries, the bishop, and his counselor. You can find Elder Perry's funeral on Youtube. I know that the mormon channel has it. The mormon channel is awesome, one of the best tools that we have as missionaries. Most people here have access to the internet, so we show them a video from youtube and it is a really spiritual experience every time.

Elder Stam in the back eating lol
Yeah I heard about Artem from Dad. I guess that it was just his time to go. I don't really know what more to say.  I hope that his family is doing alright, it's a tragic event, but it happens. He's in a better place, that I know for sure.

The world cup no. The world cup only happens every 4 years. This is the American Cup, only the latinoamerican countries are here. It only happens every 4 years also. I have heard that next year is 100 years of FIFA soccer, and there is going to be a giant tournament in the United States. It's in June, so I am just barely missing it.

Hermana Bedard asked me if I knew Chine several months ago and I said yes (Chine is Joshua's friend). It's a small world. There was another Hermana that was from Murray, she went home early though. I've met missionaries from Midvale, Pleseant Grove, Sandy, pretty much everywhere in Utah.

My setting apart was awesome. I am going to have to read it again more profoundly, I only really skimmed over it, I didn't have time. But I'll let you know more what I think about it next week. Have a wonderful Father's Day, and a wonderful week to follow. I love you!

Elder Stam       
Dont know why he sent this but he LOVES chips and salsa!

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